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costa rica mangrove

Salvar nuestro manglar / Save the our mangrove.

Ayudenos a salvar el manglar del Rio Lagarto / Help us save the Lagarto River mangrove.  La Fundación Neotropica dice que los Manglares del país almacenan tanto carbono como los bosques, igual or tres veces mas. / The Neotropic Foundations says that the mangroves in the country store more carbon than forests, equl or 3 […]

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samara beach

Blue Flag Beach / Playa Bandera Azul

Today, CASATUR regained the blue flag for all of Samara Beach. ICT (the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) awards the blue flag to beaches and schools, indicating a standard of cleanliness and safety.  Criteria for achieving the blue flag include ocean water quality, potable water quality, coastal sanitation including run-off water and garbage, environmental education, […]

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a- un

UN-based Sustainable Development Plan for the region / Plan de desarrollo sostenible UN-based para la región

CASATUR will work with Local Government to develop UN-based Sustainable Development Plan for the Region. Local groups from Sámara have begun to work with local government to modernize municipal strategies together with the private sector and organized community groups. The Sámara Board of Tourism and Community Development, CASATUR, was invited to attend the first extraordinary […]

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free spay clinic

Another successful vet clinic/ Otra clínica veterinario exitosa

Hola Amigos, Our community deserves a huge pat on the back for the outstanding service that was performed yesterday at the Vet Clinic in Samara.  We treated animals from Estrada to Esterones.  Forty pets were neutered or spayed.  Another 25 animals were given vet checks and vaccinations and one really thankful mutt had surgery for a grossly swollen ear.  Plus, we had […]

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Samara Pacific School

New option for Samara school students

February in Costa Rica is the beginning of the new school year for all students.  But this year is marked with a new opportunity for school kids.  Feb.8 Samara Pacific School, which has been operating a preschool and kindergarten for four years, started providing elementary level classes.  They inaugurated a new building last Sunday,12 Feb. […]

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community castration clinic

Dia de Castracion / Spay/-Neuter Clinic

Castracion, vacunacion,  desparasitacion /Spay-Neuter Clinic, vaccination, parasite treatments  Perors y gatos,  hembras y machos,  Samara, Salon Comunal Lunes 20 febrero, 8 am – 3 pm Importante – Traiga su animal con: Para castraccion ¢10,000 colones (diez mil colones) Animal con 12 horas de ayuno (sin comida ni bebida) cobijita gatos en cajita con ventilacion Debe […]

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Bandera Azul blue flag

Progreso de / Progress of CASATUR 2012

Qué ha hecho CASATUR en el 2012? / What has CASATUR done so far in 2012? Contratamos a alguien para hacer limpieza de Sámara 6 días por semana/ We have hired someone to clean up Sámara 6 days a week. Presentamos la solicitud para conseguir la Bandera Azul…esperamos resultados. / We presented the Blue Flag […]

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