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a- samara from above

CASATUR Board Meeting/ Reunion de la Junta

The Board of Directors of CASATUR met on Oct 27th, and we have many exciting projects planned for 2012, including: Blue Flag for Sámara; Tree-planting of 400 trees donated by the ICE; Nation-wide Sports Events for 2012; Dog and Cat spaying at subsidized rates, twice a year; Two surprise tourist events for February and July; […]

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COOPESAMARA “Walk for Life”

From The Voice of Nosara – Regional Samara’s first cooperative looks to use excess wood productively.  “Farming, Industrial, Tourism and Multiple Services Cooperative of Samara, (COOPESAMARA), aims to commercialize wood products, improve tourism, promote employment and improve the quality of life of its associates, their families and the community. . . . COOPESÁMARA is organizing an […]

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Spay-Neuter Clinic/ Jornada de Castracion

For animal well-being /Por el bienestar animal Spay-Neuter Clinic/ Jornada de Castracion Dogs and Cats/ Gatos y Perros Monday/ lunes 21 noviembre 2011 8 am – 3pm Salon Communal of/de Samara 10,000 colones With the assistance of/con el Ayuda de ANPA (Asociacion Nacional de Protejora Animals) Bring/Traiga: Sheet/ cobijita For recovery, a little bed/ para recuperacion, […]

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Photo Contest/ Concurso de Fotos

Show us your Samara/ Muestrenos su Samara. If you would like to compete in our photo contest or simply contribute a great photo to our page, please send your picture to our editor at  We are looking for pictures that communicate the warmth, natural beauty and originality of Samara Beach, and we would love to see what makes […]

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